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Aux Vivres

Aux Vivres prepares innovative and delicious vegan dishes from the best possible ingredients they can find. Their mission is to dissipate all myths about vegan cuisine by cooking up tasty, inspired, filling, and most of all, healthy ready-to-eat meals. Even in today’s world, there’s still a lot of negative biases against vegan cuisine and Aux Vivres aims to break them down one by one. Whether you’re a long-time vegan, just getting started, or simply want to try eating less meat, the Montreal-based company wants to convince you that eating healthy, fresh meals that are prepared with love and without animal products is a reward in itself. As the Aux Vivres team believes, “Veganism isn’t just a question of health, it’s also a pleasure.” Aux Vivres founder, Marie-Pierre Michaud, basically gave life to the Montreal vegan restaurant scene. It all started in a small space on Plateau-Mont-Royal’s rue Saint-Dominique and the success was such that it soon led to the opening of the now well-known restaurant on boulevard Saint-Laurent and the hiring of Michael Makhan, who rapidly became the restaurant’s best chef. In 2001, Michael became co-owner of the business, and decided to buy all of Aux Vivres’ assets in 2003. His brother Liam joined the team in 2005, bringing vision and business savvy to the operation. The Makhan brothers’ entrepreneurial spirit is paying off to this day. Aux Vivres’ vegan dishes are among the healthiest, most innovative, tastiest, but also the most popular amongst Quebec vegans. Their ready-to-eat products are now sold in dozens of Montreal stores. They even launched an organic tempeh company called Noble Bean (also available on the Marketplace).