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Aliments Massawippi

Founded in 2009, Aliments Massawippi is a proud producer of artisanal, organic, unpasteurized, and aged miso and miso-damari (miso-based tamari). All their misos are made according to traditional methods, some of which had even been forgotten - or neglected - by most modern producers until Aliments Massawippi’s team rediscovered them. The result is a high end miso that distinguishes itself by its delicacy, and the richness of its flavour, which is amplified by the maturing (fermentation) process. “We’re artisans of true and deep conviction [...] we devote ourselves to the development and creation of living, certified organic foods. We choose [...] only organic and GMO-free ingredients that are as local as possible. The same goes for our packaging.” Even though Aliments Massawippi is a small family business, it’s very aware and concerned of the effects their activities might have on the environment. That’s why every measure is taken to reduce the company’s environmental impact to a minimum. Hold on to your hats, it’s a long list! Solar-powered lighting, residual cooking heat used to warm the house and the workshop, residual heat from the dryer used to warm the warehouse, workshop glazing installed in a way that reduces electric heating needs, cooking water reused throughout the production process, water used to clean kitchen tools and equipment reused to clean the floors, all paper towels are vermicomposted, rain water is kept in barrels and reused in the garden… And we had to cut the list short here. Phew! “We estimate our annual water consumption to be 78 m3, which is probably some kind of record for a business in the food transformation industry. We consider ourselves a zero waste company.” All of Aliments Massawippi’s soy misos, whether they’re flavoured with rice, barley or oats (their oat miso is a world-unique product certified by Terroir des Cantons-de-l'Est), are unpasteurized, certified organic, and aged between 2 to 5 years.