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The Cheaib family came to Canada from Lebanon in the 90s and started a small bakery in Montreal. Today, Andalos is the largest fresh pita maker in the country, shipping its products to both Canada and the United-States. How’d it happen? It all started with good advice from a relative and owner of a well-known Montreal business. “Adonis is our uncle's company. They came to Canada before us and started Adonis. [...] Our uncle pointed my father in the right direction. He saw that there was a lot of potential in the pita industry here in Montreal so he suggested my father expand in this area. [...] Although my father was never a baker, being a serial entrepreneur, he set up a small bakery offering the three types of pita pizzas you now have on the Marketplace.”, says Pascale Cheaib, General Director of Andalos. Pascale’s father put together a devoted and knowledgeable team of bakers and worked days and nights to make Andalos what it is today. “Customer service and quality of our products is the most important thing for our family! We’re a family business and really care about everything we do here, so I would say from our family to yours is the best way to describe what we do here!”, Pascale goes on to say. Located just around the corner from Lufa Farms’ headquarters in Ahuntsic-Cartierville, Andalos has four different kitchens, all for different products. In the morning they bake pita pizzas and baklavas. This happens in the two smaller kitchens. The ready-to-eat meals and other cooked dishes are prepared in the third kitchen, and the largest space is where all their pita making machines grind away daily. “I always admired how hard my father worked and how devoted he was. For an immigrant coming with his whole family to a new country, not knowing the language, jumping into a completely new environment, it was tough to survive. He not only survived, he turned our small bakery shop into [...] the largest pita baker in Canada with over 200 employees and the freshest pita on the market! [...] We bake every day.” Andalos’ pitas, organic whole wheat pitas, pita pizzas, and baklavas are all available on Marketplace.