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In 1982, Glenna Poitras and Michel Desormeaux decided to purchase Michel’s father’s land in Saint-Eustache. For years, they practiced conventional agriculture, but decided they wanted to leave their kids a better future and painstakingly converted to organic farming. Their mission was simple: to produce vegetables while protecting the environment, and without using chemical products. They got their organic certification in 1998, but the transition wasn’t easy. “To grow organic veggies, you have to be determined, passionate, and you can’t count all the extra hours you spend weeding or applying organic sprays, and more,” say the owners. All the work paid off though. In 2001, they created Entreprises Agri-Choux and purchased new land in 2010. Michel, Glenna, and their sons Gabriel and Joël - who are now in charge of the farm’s vegetable and cereal production - like doing things the old way and working hand in hand with nature rather than against it. They keep their soils healthy by doing frequent crop rotations, and they also follow the centuries old agricultural tradition of the lunar calendar. Simply put, they rely on the phases of the moon to guide their planting, harvesting, and other farming activities. You can rest assured that all their carrots, cabbages, beets, squash, pumpkins, cauliflowers, beans, onions, peas, potatoes, pattypan squash, and other veggies, are grown with the utmost respect for the environment. As they say: “The pleasure and gratification we get from working this way lets us forget all the sweat and tears.