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Aliments Horium

Founded by the Ho family - hence the name Ho-rium - Aliments Horium has been making tofu in Montreal’s Saint-Henri borough since 1982. Having earned a Ph.D. in biochemistry and another in food chemistry, Dr. Chong Hong Ho decided to combine the latest cutting-edge food science techniques and millenary practices inspired by his Chinese heritage to create novel tofu products right from the bean. As most Quebecois hadn’t even heard of tofu in 1982, the challenge was considerable, but the Ho family came out on top. Over the years, Aliments Horium has earned its rightful place in the Quebec tofu market, and for good reason. To create a top quality product, science and tradition are not enough, superior quality ingredients are also a must. Only Quebec grown, organic, GMO-free soybeans are used in the making of their tofus, and they never contain any preservatives. Whether we’re talking about their firm and soft tofus, their marinated tofu, their tofu noodles, or their dessert tofus, all Aliments Horium products are certified organic by Ecocert Canada.