Although we are growing and have nearly 200 pick-up points, we don’t yet cover all of the greater Montreal area. If we don’t deliver in your area yet, please fill out our Contact Us form requesting a new delivery area and we'll let you know when a pick-up point near you becomes available. We also sometimes ask our Facebook followers to post ideas for new pick-up points, so make sure to follow us and give us your recommendations!

Our delivery schedule is organized to minimize the amount of fuel and time required to cover our participating pick-up points. We also have to consider the business hours of our pick-up points.

If you’re not able to make it to your regular delivery window, you can have a friend or family member pick up your basket. If you call the pick-up point in advance, they may be able to hold it until noon the next day. Since many of our pick-up points don’t have refrigeration capabilities, it’s important for food safety reasons that you collect your basket on the same day except in the case of emergenies. Due to space limitations, PUPs are only required to keep baskets until closing on the day of delivery, after which we advise them to keep or donate the baskets if they haven't heard from a subscriber. In exceptional circumstances and with prior notice, a PUP may be to hold onto a basket for slightly longer.

Yes. Once you subscribe, we'll provide you with a username and password to log in to your Lufa Farms account. There, you can update information including your pick-up point. Keep in mind that we require 72 hours notice. For example, if you move your basket delivery to a Thursday pick-up, you would need to make the change before Monday at noon.

You can view the complete list of our pick-up points here.

When you subscribe, you will be asked to select a delivery start date. We need 72 hours to process new orders, so the earliest possible delivery date will be three days after you subscribe. That means if you place an order on Monday before noon, the earliest possible delivery would be Thursday of that same week. Your delivery day depends on the pick-up point that you select.

A private pick-up point is one at which sign-up is restricted to employees, members, or residents. A public pick-up point is one that is open to anyone who wants to pick-up their basket.

Email Ahmad at and he will get back to you shortly with further information.

These items are indicated by a little snowflake icon on your checkout page and are sent to you in a cooler bag or bin, with ice packs to keep them cool or dry ice to keep them frozen. If you’ve ordered frozen items, don’t touch the dry ice with your bare hands. It’s very cold (-78ºC) and can cause light burns.
Please be sure to pick up your order promptly on your delivery day to ensure your goods are in good shape and don’t go to waste. And leave the bin, ice packs, and other packaging behind so that we can reuse them.

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