The Marketplace has all your tea needs covered!

We’re growing our Coffee & Tea category on the Marketplace to provide Lufavores with an offering of the most sustainably grown, best tasting and highest quality teas. Cintli—our tea seeker—went on the hunt for the best partners to help us source the best teas and herbal infusions from all around the world. Here’s what she found.

Gourmet Sauvage
Our long-time partner Gourmet Sauvage has been offering herbal infusions foraged in the wild, right here in Quebec forests, for over twenty years. Their herbal infusions are made from hand-picked wild raspberries, rose petals, wintergreen, white pine needles, Labrador tea, valerian root, cedar, bog-myrtle, bergamot, fir, and chaga mushrooms, and tasting them is like drinking a cupful of the Laurentians.

Metropolitan Tea Company
Gerry Vandergrift believes that “ethical teas taste better” so he only deals with producers committed to sustainable farming and social equity for workers. One of the world’s first tea blenders and packers to achieve carbon negative status, The Metropolitan Tea Company buys only loose-leaf teas of the very highest quality and taste, and certified organic by Pro-Cert and certified ethical by the Ethical Tea Partnership.

Stash Tea
Stash Tea is also one of most ecologically-responsible high-end tea importers and blenders out there. Among other efforts to reduce their ecological footprint, their plant now saves nearly 50,000 kWh annually, since they’ve replaced their lighting system in 2005. Their organic teas and herbal infusions are all packed in bags made from cellulose fibers that contain no chlorine dioxide.

Catherine imports all her top-quality cocoa from little farms and co-ops in Central and South America to promote ethical trade and sustainable agriculture. Avanaa’s cocoa tea is stone-ground by hand in Villeray and tastes like drinking rich, velvety dark chocolate without the calories, caffeine, or fat.

And it’s mission accomplished for Cintli. I guess we can say she really dotted her I’s and crossed her teas on that job! :) Keep an eye out for all the new teas and herbal infusions trickling onto the Marketplace over the next few weeks, and don’t forget to let us know what you think...Your thoughts are what guides us.